Our Vision

To be a leader in the business of animal health products in Egypt and major attractor of good calibers.

Our Mission

Support our customers business through developing added values to their business and changing the market trend from selling concept to marketing concept.

Objectives and Strategies

We applied these objectives and strategies as a steps according to priority .

(1) Team Building

a. Objectives :
• Building a strong and skillful team with high loyalty to the company & corporate .
• To be attractive company to the good calibers

b. Strategies :
• Higher moderate experience young colleges with ability to learn and develop .
• Fulfilling the higher positions which we need by develop and uplift our team member to motivate the success and built loyalty .
• Continuous training to enforce the positive points and improve the week points in team .
• Create a evaluation system to detect the communication problems among the team members
• Improve the social relationship between the team members through different social activities
• Create a strong team spirit through crating special and creative character for our team , also we will create a special motto for our team expressed for the team short term strategy
• Announce each one team members by his job description , his benefits and allowance , sales policy and how he will evaluated from the day one of work also announced any changes could be affect his work or creating rumors .

(2) Internal Marketing

a. Objective :
• Utilize all available resources in the company to accomplish our objectives .

b. Strategies :
• Improvement and build a strong relationship with all supportive units and other sales team in the company through formal and informal communication .
• Periodical appreciation for persons or units who support us .

(3) Marketing Orientation :

a. Objectives :
• Convert the company from sales oriented to Marketing oriented company.
• Dealing with market changes before happened.

b. Strategies :
• Internal training and announcement to the team about the marketing bases .
• Develop a marketing sector .
• Collect all available data from the market about the customer and competitors to build a strong data basis .
• Coordinate our importation plan and target according to the real position of the market to prevent over stocks and unavailability of goods .
• Built strong customer relationship through providing new creative values that serve their business .
• Encourage innovation and idea creation from our team member .

(4) Sales :

a. Objective :
• High quality sales ( Achieve target units with high profit and minimal dues )

b. Strategy :
• Determined the sales policy suitable for each period which serve our sales objectives and deliver it continuously to the team .

(5) International concept :

a. Objective :
• Dealing among us and other by the concept of the International companies after tailoring it to fit our market nature .

b. Strategy :
• Communicate and study the international concepts of the companies and allocate it by the suitable way for our culture.