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A High tech Purified ,Aqueous FMD Vaccine. Unique Strain selection can protect against Newest and old strains ( More than 8 Strains ) which assure vaccine protection and can’t be provided by other Local vaccine



Barvac 10

The Most updated modern technology protect against enterotoxaemia  and hemorrhagic septicemia in cattle , sheep and goat The only vaccine which contain pasteurella and mannheimia haemolytica in addition to clostridia

100ml/50 dose


Bovikalc ®

Oral calcium supplement contain calcium chloride ( fast release ) Calcium Sulphate ( sustained  release ) has acidifying effect that help cows to mobiles their own calcium reserve through  enhancing parathormon hormones secretion  .used in prevention  of  milk fever and after parturition metabolic disorder ( Ketosis , dystocia , Metritis , Mastitis , Abomasal displacement,)

Box (4 Boluses)


Diakure ®

Oral rehydration therapy for calves, delivers electrolytes, high energy and remove intestinal pathogens which lead to faster recovery .has 3 steps buffer system to prevent acidosis. The only supplement can be fed with water or milk without interfering with the coagulation and digestion of milk in stressed calves .

100gm / 3Kg


Genabil ®

Uniquely potent GIT enhancer .adjust GIT motility and enzymes secretion used in treatment and prevention of impaction, tympani, indigestion and acidosis. Used in cases of dietary imbalance and stress condition .enhancement liver refreshment after parturition and prevent ketosis, fatty liver, abomasl displacement. Low fertility and conception rate.



Metacam ®

Unique, effective, long lasting, safe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and antiendotoxic drug. (Cox2 preferential).  Drug of choice in treatment of mastitis, pneumonia, and diarrhea in young calves. Only one dose is enough during course of treatment.



Front Line spray

Stops existing infestation and prevents the establishment of new infestations by killing fleas , ticks, and chewing lice

Spraying bottles 100ml /250 ml



Repel and kill external parasites , can be used once weekly save during pregnancy , Lactation and puppies over 7 weeks of age.

0.4 ml /1 ml / 2.5 ml / 4 ml


Drontal Plus flavour

Brood spectrum anti parasite against Round and tape wormer

Box 6 tablets For Dogs 


Drontal cats 

Unique spectrum anti parasite against all types of worms

Box 24 tablet for cats



Innovative collar ensure Continuous protection from fleas' and ticks for up to 8 months


Collar 1.25 gm +0.5 gm for cats and small dogs

 Collar 4.5 gm + 2.03 gm for Dogs