Our Vision 

To be the market leader for Livestock , Pet Animals & Equine products  including  vaccines, medications, feed additives & bio-security products for the Egyptian and Middle East Markets, and one of the Major players in the Health Care Sector

Our Mission 

To provide complete solutions of high quality products, meeting customer’s needs, provide technical support & to become the reliable partner  for all  clients.


  • Allmed is one of IFT affiliated companies
  • Independent Affiliate since 2009 (before that Business unit approach)
  • Do believe in diversifications through products lines ,to meet the needs of today's challenge conditions
  • Deep believes in Customer relationship management and transform that believe into actions and tangible return
  • Investing in people is the main principle ,and selection of excellent calibers is key issue
  • More than 25 Employees and annual turnover of 70 MIO L.E.


Served segments

  • Livestock
  • Pets
  • Equines


Products spectra

  • Feed Additive
  • Therapeutics
  • Vaccines
  • Disinfectants


Field force

  • Sales manager
  • Product manager
  • Marketing Associate
  • Technical manager
  • Technical consultants
  • Supportive & administrative functions