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At a Glance
IFT Is the national leader in Animal Health business and a major player in consumer health business. Partnering with enormous multinationals in our industry, and offering solutions that bridges rifts with the utmost enterprising products and solutions worldwide.
A Vision to Lead
We Retain a Vision to Lead Animal Health Industry in the Middle East, Inducing a Mutational Improvement in Veterinary Practices with the Uppermost Advanced Technologies and Solutions Worldwide.
A Mission to Support
We believe that in-order-to concrete our Vision,
we need to endure:
Integrated Solutions We Offer to our Valuable
Factual Technical Support and after Selling
Thorough Communication with our Customers.
» In 1989 IFT was established in the area of broilers' breeds, importing, marketing and technically backing-up best-in-breed poultry species. This phase    allotted to IFT its ingenious orientation and exceptional rapport with end-user.

» Further broadening commenced in 1994, when IFT birthed its animal health operation, partnering with the world leading originators to enrich the Egyptian    market with the foremost refined veterinary products and solutions worldwide.

» In 2006 started its consumer health affiliate within AllMed company.

» In 2007 IFT adopted business units approach for the 1st time in Egyptian animal health business. Which in return supported mutational growth in sales    performance.

» In 2008 started regional expansion, founding IFT Gulf followed by IFT Iraq in 2009. Our aspiration is to be the Middle East leaders in Animal Health, and a    major player in consumer health, conquering traditional problems with innovative solutions in cooperation with our pioneer partners.
Our Partners